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May 2016


The parts and the whole

Under this title, borrowed from the biography of the physician W. Heisenberg, we started NoAnalitzeu (see Analysing Reality) at Nollegiu bookshop, on the 10th of May as planned.

The first session is a story through five stages reflecting the changes in our approach to reality as a culture (as a social paradigm, using the words of F. Capra). Read more


A conversation about economy

On Saturday, April 30th the first event organized by Ansky Papers took place. It was a talk with Miren Etxezarreta, after the recent publication of her last book What is economy good for?.

Miren is an economist, Applied Economy Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and she has written widely on this matter. I got to know her ideas years ago through her writings on rural development. Read more