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Analysing reality

From de classic’s list we go to the workshops to analyse reality. We present a series of four workshops to deepen in the analysis of what is happening around us. An approach to systemic thinking, its vision proposal and the tools that allow us to express it.

Following a non-written Nollegiu’s rule we title the series as NoAnalitzeu or Don’tAnalyse and they will start next Tuesday may 11th at half past seven in the evening.

The program of the sessions is the following:

Workshop #1 –  The systemic vision of the world, 10/05/2016

A journey through the main systems thinkers, from Aristotle to Fritjof Capra to understand the systemic vision.

Why is it interesting and how can contribute to the nowadays society?

Workshop #2 – Integral structuring of knowledge, 24/05/2016

Integration is the answer from system thinking to the growing complexity and the fragmentation of knowledge. Under this perspective, what does it mean to integrate? and how can knowledge be integrated?

Some examples of integration (mechanisms, dynamics, behaviors…).

Workshop #3 – Social organization, 07/06/2016

Ecology is a systemic science tackling populations equilibria. Is it possible to translate the main systemic principles to the social organization?

Much of the concepts tied to sociology, economy, urbanism or territorial planning do have systemic character. But beyond the small contributions of isolated terms, the radical acceptance of a systemic reality has a great social building potential.

Workshop #4 – Action for sustainability, 21/06/2016

Sustainable action must come from a systemic vision of reality. Under this premise, sustainability may well be defined as the vision that provides us with “new ways of being and knowing to design new ways of producing, consuming and distributing”.

The greening of the economy, the productive sector and society is not enough to change the course events. Sustainability implies a change of paradigm, and that is why we put first the terms ‘being and knowing’.

All the sessions will take place at the first floor in Nollegiu book store (Pons i Subirà, 3, Barcelona) from 19.30h to 21.00h.

Four workshops during May and June to assume complexity and to learn how to manage it.

The total prize of the series is 20€. A single workshop is 10€. You can register sending a mail to indicating if you a registering either to the complete series or to isolated sessions.

On the other hand, we let you know that next Saturday April 30th (12.30h) Miren Etxezarreta will be with us in NoLlegiu to talk about the book ¿Para qué sirve realmente la economía? (What is really economy for?). Ms. Etxezarreta is a critic economist, near to the social movements. She has written many specialized and informative books. In her last work, Etxezarreta explains plainly the origin and evolution of the economic discipline, to finish with some reflexions about the economic crisis, the causes and possible solutions. We wait for you.

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