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Information overload

This new entry has its origin in the book by Yves Citton Pour une écologie de l’attention. Useful notes to new approaches of complexity, in this case under the appearance of information overload.

One of the ideas that I take from the book is the relationship between periods of information overload and social, artistic or political changes. Read more


Approaching the fourth wave

So we have complexity, one of these things you can’t control; you just deal with it, or you don’t.

And then, are we tackling complexity? Yes, we are. We do consider complexity more often one may think. We manage complexity whenever we take into account more than one variable, more than one single indicator, historic perspective and long term view, whether as a corporate manager, as an individual, as a coach, or as a console player (think for a second in the difference between Pong tennis of the 70’s Atari and current FIFA15 for any of the consoles, including such a parameters as team chemistry!). Read more


Woven together

Etymologically, the term ‘complexity’ means braiding or binding opposites (two warriors or two lovers entwined). Today, complexity refers to a broad spectrum of phenomena and is approached from various disciplines, although there is no agreed definition of it.

Read more