Consciousness and complexity

We started our second walk with E. Morin and his definition of Complex Thinking. We quoted Morin on the second entry of the blog, Woven Together, defining complexity as “the essential thing we are losing in repeated partitioning (of knowledge)”.

N. Packard introduces the link between evolution of living organisms and the ability of processing information. Processing information as a measure of complexity.

This biological turn allows us to reach the concept of mind. Talking in some detail about G. Bateson, and his introduction of the MIND as a system phenomenon: the first attempt in science to overcome the Cartesian division between mind and body.

The following leap drives us to cognition. Here we follow the Varela and Maturana’s ideas about this matter, based on the concept of STRUCTURAL COUPLING, as you can see in the map.

Santiago’s Theory, developed by the two Chilean scientists identifies cognition – the process of knowing- with the process of LIFE.

From cognition and life, we jump to our final stop today: CONSCIOUSNESS. Using the Spyral Dynamics developed by D. Beck and C. Cowan and adapted by K. Wilber, we go through the eight levels or waves of consciousness.

You can keep track of day two on the Kumu’s map.

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