A portrait of cooperation as a system


A new digression, this one based on some facts that took place at the end of 2015, describing a collaboration history.

The objectives. To show how systems are rather a vision than some reality perfectly enclosed waiting to be described; and to verify the importance of purpose in the birth and continuity of a system, as it was described in the October 2015 blog entry.

The facts. Nollegiu is a small bookstore defying common sense by opening in the year 2014 in Barcelona’s Poblenou. After this temerity it commits the impertinence of announcing at the end of 2015 a move by the beginning of 2016. From the small establishment in Amistat street the bookstore moves to a three floor building, the former local boutique la Juanita, hence tripling the original facilities.

To afford the relocation and adaptation costs a crowdfunding campaign is put in place, collecting 2.7 times the initial goal at the end of the period.

Ansky Papers supports the initiative with a contribution, establishing a cooperation link with the bookstore. Ansky trusts in Nollegiu project, and the project is considered an opportunity for the blog to grow and gain popularity. A new stage in the road opened on January 2015.

The portrait. A cooperation dynamic has been created, where both Nollegiu and Ansky win. Additionally, Nollegiu broadens its catalogue, thus also favouring growth.




The key for cooperation is trust by the participants on the system that has just been established. There are many other dynamics taking part in the whole history of this cooperation. For instance, the fact that the project had already reached a high level of funding by many small donors: it shows shared trust on the project. It’s word of mouth dynamics.




Congratulations Nollegiu.

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