Down the Rabbit-Hole



This post is an invitation to embark on a journey through the three ideas that are at the core of the content of this blog.

The starting point is ‘integration’. Integration is also the tool or weapon. Integration to find answers and move ahead.

Before we start, it is very important to know which question integration answers, and where it enables us to move ahead.

And all this is complexity; the question integration answers, and also the beginning and end of the journey, which surrounds everything.

On a hot afternoon, Alice also embarks on a journey that will take her to Wonderland. Complexity is the backdrop, the afternoon, the garden and the bench where Alice, tired of seeing her sister read a book ‘without pictures or conversations’, decides to follow a rabbit in a hurry, checking its watch.

So we have to begin by grasping what this complexity, which so elegantly enables us to embark on this non-finger-pointing journey, actually is.

That is the proposal; to move to manage complexity.

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