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Representing systems

Rosa had put it clear during the last class when she said I understand everything but I can’t see where are you heading to. So, after two tough conceptual classes we devoted our third session to think and represent systems.

We talked about four representation tools. Read more


Consciousness and complexity

We started our second walk with E. Morin and his definition of Complex Thinking. We quoted Morin on the second entry of the blog, Woven Together, defining complexity as “the essential thing we are losing in repeated partitioning (of knowledge)”.

N. Packard introduces the link between evolution of living organisms and the ability of processing information. Processing information as a measure of complexity. Read more


The parts and the whole

Under this title, borrowed from the biography of the physician W. Heisenberg, we started NoAnalitzeu (see Analysing Reality) at Nollegiu bookshop, on the 10th of May as planned.

The first session is a story through five stages reflecting the changes in our approach to reality as a culture (as a social paradigm, using the words of F. Capra). Read more

Alien blue flowers original watercolor painting on wet white paper background

Analysing reality

From de classic’s list we go to the workshops to analyse reality. We present a series of four workshops to deepen in the analysis of what is happening around us. An approach to systemic thinking, its vision proposal and the tools that allow us to express it.

Following a non-written Nollegiu’s rule we title the series as NoAnalitzeu or Don’tAnalyse and they will start next Tuesday may 11th at half past seven in the evening. Read more


A handful of classics

So here we are. Ansky is already more than a blog. Now it’s also a vinyl in the Nollegiu bookstore showcase and a handful of classics in a bookshelf inside the shop. Come in!

These are the proposed titles to be the classics. They are, in any case, my classics. Some of the books that brought me here and made me see things the way I see them now. They are chronologically ordered by year of publication. Read more


Approaching the fourth wave

So we have complexity, one of these things you can’t control; you just deal with it, or you don’t.

And then, are we tackling complexity? Yes, we are. We do consider complexity more often one may think. We manage complexity whenever we take into account more than one variable, more than one single indicator, historic perspective and long term view, whether as a corporate manager, as an individual, as a coach, or as a console player (think for a second in the difference between Pong tennis of the 70’s Atari and current FIFA15 for any of the consoles, including such a parameters as team chemistry!). Read more