Ansky had a bunch of papers. Daniel Innerarity had warned him, quoting François Lyotard, about the end of big narrations, and he was lost with the bundle.

One day he started gardening thanks to Anne-Laure Le Cunff. The mess of notes began to have a bit of internal order. Then some kind of coherence emerged.

All along SECI Model, from combination to internalisation, new tacit bits appeared. Share or perish. The bits were calling for new explicit knowledge, so that new relations could be made.

Here you have an engine!

Relevant information once lost in the flow, was now put in the right place (what he considered to be right for the whole picture).

Maybe something like this was useful. This could somehow tackle what Jordan Greenhall told Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova to be one of the main problems we face: the lack of tools that allow information to flow into sensemaking frameworks. This worked for Ansky.

This is a sensemaking engine. But Ansky thought of it more as a drill.

The Drill by Bernardo Bagulho
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