What is Ansky Papers?


Ansky Papers is at present a blog to express and discuss the ideas that should lead to new stages, with greater impact and transformative capacity. But it might also become nothing more or disappear, thus Ansky Papers is a seed.

Ansky Papers talks only about three things:

1. INTEGRATION, the action of making a whole out of different parts
The meaning of integration (why), its object (what) and its operation (how). And above all the result, those wholes that emerge, their manufacture and generating new knowledge from them.

2. VISION, which is generated through integrating and producing wholes, in reality new objects. 
From the possibility of the vision, its depiction (images), its lexicon (words) and systematisation.

3. TRANSFORMATION, the transformative capacity of the new vision.
From its operation (from vision to action), its scope, its rhythm.

Ansky Papers addresses coherence, relationship and change based on understanding the reality around us.